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There is a large variety of salads in the Russian cuisine. As a rule, these are dishes with a dressing, made with seasonal vegetables. Light summer salads can contain fresh vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes and various herbs. Winter salads are heavier and are made with boiled vegetables: beets, potatoes, and carrots.

Salads are mainly served as cold appetizers, followed by soups or main courses. At a special occasion meal in Russia the quantity and variety of salads depends on the creativity and hospitality of the cook: sometimes there are more salads on the table than the rest of the dishes all together.

Russian salads are not always made with vegetables only: there are salads made with meat, fish, or mushrooms. The typical dressings are sunflower oil, sour cream of mayonnaise. Many Russian salads can be a great accompaniment for meat, fish or chicken.

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Vinegret (Russian Vinaigrette Salad)
Vinegret (Russian Vinaigrette Salad)
There are many wild theories about its origins on the Internet, but my guess is that a chef in some Russian tavern decided to show off by giving a fancy name to a simple dish. The foreign word not only survived, it became common.

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