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Russian dinner can hardly be imagined without soup. By the way, Russian idea of a soup is very different from how foreigners think of it. At most, this is a substantial and thick dish, cooked with meat, fish, mushroom or vegetable broth.

Russian soups can be hot or cold. Cabbage soups (shchi), beetroot soups (borstch), soups with pickled cucumbers (rassolnik or solyanka), fish soups (ukha) etc. are served hot. Okroshka (soup of vegetables, eggs, meat and kvass), botvinya (cold soup of fish, vegetables and kvass) and svekolnik (cold beetroot soup) are served cold.

The name “soup” itself appeared in Russia during Peter the Great’s times. It was borrowed from Europe. Before that this dish was called “pottage”.

In this section you will find several varied receipts of soups, which are most often met in the modern Russian cuisine.
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Borsch (Borscht)
Borsch (Borscht)
Schi and borsch are quite similar, however, schi is a typical Russian dish while borsch was adopted from the Ukrainian cuisine. They're easy to tell apart: while both are made with the fresh cabbage or sauerkraut, borsch also has beets among its...

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